Leadership development has fundamentally changed.

Don’t settle for the old standard narrative of what a leader “was” or “should be”. In order to embrace the new, you’re going to need to:

  • Be

  • Make the

  • Be the
  • Become more
  • Curios
  • Choice
  • Change
  • Conscious

People whose lives changed forever

Sally is a compassionate, thorough and efficient business and life coach who has enabled me to align my goals and tackle challenges in an orderly and positive way.

Author & Lecturer

“I was fortunate to have had 4 coaching sessions with Sally. Sally is an excellent listener and quickly identified areas that I needed to attend to. viz. refocusing my areas of work speciality, refining my website, management of my client base and my own personal growth.”

Counselling Psychologist

Sally helped provide focus and direction at a crucial time in my mid-life career cycle.

Line Manager - amazon.com

My confidence levels grew and I felt increasingly comfortable to face my team and the demands my new role had placed on me.

Director - Imperial Tobacco Africa

I’m already a successful leader, why do I need an executive coach?

We tailor specific leadership interventions to the unique strategies, cultures, people and business challenges.  One mould does not fit all.


My 4 key focus areas are:

As conscious leaders, individuals, teachers, parents (however we are showing up) your coaching experience with me will encourage you to lean into the best version of you.

Stop thinking in glances.
Take time for deep immersive thinking, creating more space for ideas to take root.

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Don’t settle for the old standard narrative of what a leader “was” or “should be”.

    Your only competition is who you could be

    The essence of leadership is to shift the inner place from which we operate both individually and collectively.