Here’s 10 reasons your team needs team coaching.

Getting Serious About Team Coaching. Does your team need Team Coaching  I’m often asked what exactly is team coaching and how can it help?

In order to answer I’d like to compare a business team set-up with a rugby or soccer team. We would never expect a sports team to go ahead and play together without any “combined/joint” training or coaching. And yet so many companies bring individuals together without any formal or even informal coaching and expect them to operate as a unified team. How is this possible?

Team Coaching can be used to aid two distinct process’s within the company arena.

Firstly, to build a solid team foundation, whereby the direction of the team is explored and the resources needed to support and sustain these goals confirmed.

Secondly, once the foundation of the team has been built, the effectiveness of the team performance is analysed and improved, with the final goal of achieving a high performance team. Team dynamics are complex, involving the myriad personality traits that we all bring to the party, such as our beliefs, loyalty’s, values, issues, triggers, history, culture, sex, race, background to name a few.

Here are 10 reasons your team needs team coaching, some of the proven successful process’s of team coaching:

* Advances understanding of individual differences and how to leverage them

* Improves team credibility

* Aligns the team

* Helps clarity of roles and priorities

* Can increase the overall emotional intelligence level of the team, including empathy and communication skills

* Gives more room for equal input from both the introverts and extroverts of the team, giving everyone a voice

* Utilises the team strengths

* Boost team cohesiveness and morale

* Prevents an abundance of one behavioural type merging.

* Breaks down barriers and defense mechanisms.

Professional team coaching is not “just” a team building exercise and should not be confused with the annual end of year team building excursion. Team coaching is an intervention that is unique and tailor made to the needs and requirements of each individual team. It is a dynamic and fluid process that ideally needs to be designed over a longer period with follow-up sessions, ensuring the team is staying on track and adapting where necessary.

“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.” Brian Tracy

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