My New Motto 

Monday and my week started with an early morning surf.  The peace, the “at one” with nature, my brain switches off (a rare occurrence) and my only focus is which wave to catch, as I attempt to paddle, stand, and ride that wave.  This morning was EXTRA super special, as I was heading back after the surf, for my well-earned coffee I spotted dolphins passing by. 

Now to actually be out there with the dolphins has always been a bucket list wish of mine.  On so many occasions I have “almost” managed to time it correctly but never quite got it right.  Decisions, decisions, should I quickly head back into the sea and try paddle out and meet them?  “Will I make it?” “Are they too far out?” “Oh, but what an experience if I catch up with them.” “Shall I?” 

As in so many of our day to day experiences, all these questions of doubt wanting to hold me back…

“Do it, Sally, just go” said that little whisper.  Whilst paddling out the voice of doubt continued. “Is it worth the effort?” “Am I being silly?” “Will I make it?”

Then I was there, surrounded by these magnificent creatures as they playfully passed me by.  The moment was beautiful, awesome and so memorable.  I had grabbed the moment, ignored my doubt, and experienced a little bit of heaven, bucket list had a very big tick. 

The Lesson

So this morning I was reminded of this important lesson we have in life.  How many times do we allow our doubt to get in our way of what we want to do or experience?  What would happen if we just followed our wishes, just did what we desired, just chased those dreams, and believed we could?  What do we have to lose?

I want to encourage and urge us all to be chaser’s not doubters.  Let’s rather fail to try than not even start.  Let’s believe we can, let’s take ourselves courageously to the edge of our comfort zone, place our big toes into that unknown sea of life, take a big breath, smile and take the plunge. 

What have you got to lose?