Over the last seven years of building up my coaching business I have learnt what works for me and my clients and what doesn’t. I have seen many of my fellow coaches fail in their endeavour to be a coach, although a number of them I would say were/are very good coaches.

So what makes the difference between a successful business coach and an unsuccessful one?

I believe one of the key ingredients is authenticity. To work with a coach who is authentic to herself and her client. Without authenticity what do you have?

This was the situation with a colleague of mine, Susan. She was a highly qualified coach who worked by the book and followed the coaching models to the “T” saying and doing all the right things. She worked with anyone who approached her, never declining a client. But who was Susan without the coaching mask? What did Susan bring of herself to the coaching arena? This is what I mean by being authentic. Nobody wants to be coached by a robot. The humanistic element is crucial to a successful coaching partnership. There has to be a chemistry between the coach and the client.

I have had moments when I have been visibly close to tears with the story my client is sharing. I have also had times when I have battled to stifle a laugh as they share a humorous event with me. Surely, this is what its all about. Really being present enough to be able to really walk part of the journey with your client.

I’m currently working with a number of diverse and interesting clients. No one coaching journey is the same. Each individual strives for a different result.

There are three key factors I require from potential clients of mine. They are:

An inquisitive and open mind
Determination and drive
The ability to trust and be vulnerable

In our coaching sessions I am totally focused on you and your needs. My expectations are high, I am not always easy and I will challenge and hold you accountable when necessary.

Working with a business coach and having success doesn’t happen by chance. One needs to be very selective when choosing your coach. As in any industry it takes a lot of the correct type of action and perseverance to reach your goals and with the right business coach guiding and working with you, it can be achieved.

If you are interested in working with me, lets chat further. I offer a free chemistry Skype chat to all my potential clients to gauge if we’re a good coach/client match.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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