I am a life coach in Durban. I believe I live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa. For those who know me well, it’s probably quite odd to hear me say that. For years I’ve been a true advocate of the Western Cape with the intoxicating quirky energy it breaths. Of late though, there’s been a shift, I’ve tried to pin point what has caused this change in me. Coming to the conclusion that it’s been brought on by an accumulation of events, passing of time and the people that have entered my life.

I’ve resided and worked as a life coach in Durban for the past 5 years and slowly but surely this city and its surroundings have grown on me, as have the people I have met along the way. The local and international sectors of my successful coaching business are now fully established and I am lucky enough to have a healthy number of clients both past and present. I love the diversity of my work and the wonderful range of different personality’s that I am fortunate to work with. So often, after completing a coaching session I find myself sitting in awe of my client, long after they have gone, it can be a very humbling experience. I admire how my clients courageously work through set-backs both big and small, always of importance. I feel great respect for the fact that they have made a conscious decision to make necessary changes in their lives. It is incredibly humbling to be given the opportunity to walk a small part of the journey with these individuals and I never take for granted the trust they have given me or the coaching process.

I would not do justice to Durban and Natal without mentioning the perfect climate that we are lucky enough to experience. I am, like many of us, a sunshine person. I love the summer, the warmth, the inviting sea temperatures, the chance to learn to surf, the miles of sandy beach’s to walk and the clean unpolluted air. Being able to don sandals, shorts and summer dresses for the majority of the year and being able to grab the unexpected day of tanning in the middle of our “winter”.

I try on regular basis to remind myself of how lucky I am to be a life coach in Durban. That I live in a beautiful part of the globe and that I shouldn’t take this for granted. I appreciate that we have hardships, as do most countries. But I also remind myself that to focus on these hardships does us no justice. We should not ignore them, we should attempt to eradicate them remembering not to give the negatives more focus than is warranted.

So to my quirky, intoxicating Cape Town I thank you for those beautiful dreams and wishes of a different life below your majestic mountain. But for now, I can honestly say I am happy residing next to the warm Indian Ocean, watching the dolphins and meeting the occasional coaching client for a coffee at the beautiful, colonial Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga.

PS – Not all my clients meet me at such beautiful locations, but I feel very spoilt when they do.

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